Abraham did it.

               So did Moses.

                           Even Job did it.


What did they do? They Worshipped!

(And Worship may not be what you think)

Many churches have meetings of songs and praise, followed by stirring sermons.

They call them “Worship Services”.  And while they may have elements of worship in these meetings,

by God’s definition, Worship is something entirely different.


True worship has to do with sacrifice;

a sacrifice or our time, our resources, or ourselves.

It is an act of recognizing the worthiness of God

for who He is, and what He has done for us

as we surrender ourselves to Him.



In His last supper before He was crucified, Jesus met with His disciples

and instituted a new gathering time for worship.

He took the bread and broke it, and took the cup of wine.  He blessed them and passed them to His disciples and told them “Do this in remembrance of Me”.

The bread and the cup are symbols of what Jesus did for us on the Cross as He gave His body and blood.

 For the believer, they proclaim the death of Christ, until He comes back.












We meet to observe the “Breaking of Bread”  or “The Lord’s Supper” every Sunday.

 It is a time of quiet meditation, songs of praise and thanksgiving, and reflections on who Christ is

and what He has done for us by His death on the Cross.

It is a time where

we give Him the sacrifice of our lips - our praise.

We worship Him and Him alone.


Anyone who has trusted in Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior is invited to come to this time of Worship and remember Christ with us.

If you are unsure about your relationship with Christ, you may come and observe.



"We worship Thee, all glorious Lord,

Forever be Thy name adored!"

 - Inglis Fleming (1859 - 1955)














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